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​About Sommers Custom Painting in Nashville, TN

We have been serving the greater Nashville area for over 7 years! Originally based in Antioch, TN we are now based in Nolensville, TN.

We are a small but growing business based on quality work, convenience, and trust. We are proud to be American workers and you can rest assurred that you are supporting American Jobs when you support Sommers Custom Painting.

              My name is Nathan Sommers and I’m a 4th generation painter. Sommers Custom Painting is rooted in humble beginnings. Extending back to my great-great grandfather, who was raised in Pennsylvania, the Sommers have been painting professionally for more than 100 years.  Some of the Sommers, also painters, moved as far away as Washington State plying their trade.  My own career began in Plain City, Ohio with my father, uncle and grandfather. Years of experience have been handed down from one generation to the next. I am proud and humbled to continue such a great tradition of craftsmanship.

Over the years we have watched the craft of painting, and the paint product itself, evolve. Once there was whitewash and lead based paint that you mixed on your own; now there is premixed latex or oil based paint. Now, paints can be tinted to any shade in the rainbow of colors. Makeshift ladders and scaffolding have been replaced with aluminum ladders, steel scaffolding and electric/hydraulic lifts.​​

Although so many changes have occurred in the world of painting, we have remained true to one underlying theme: QUALITY! We take the time to get to know our customers and understand their needs, and we take great pride in providing professional, high quality results. We understand that your home is not only a valuable asset but also your place of safety and comfort. We take great care to honor your trust and leave your home in better condition than it was when we first arrived.



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